Tao Te Ching – The Book of The Way


Autor: Lao-Tzu
Tradução: Stephen Mitchell

Long believed to be the work of Lao-tzu writting in the time of Confucius, the eighty-one chapters of Tao Te Ching are the classic texts of the Taoist tradition. The most widely translated work in world literature after the Bible, the ‘Book of The Way’ applies timeless wisdoms in harmony with the Tao, the basic principle of the universe, to themes as diverse as ecology and sexual love. Stephen Mitchell’s acclaimed new translation reveals as never before the gem-like lucidity and the pure poetry of this manual of the art of living from the China of the fourth century BC.

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Autor: Lao-Tzu
Tradução: Stephen Mitchell
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Páginas: 108
Editor: Kyle Cthie
ISBN: 1-85626-396-7

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